= Open Community Camp 2008, 10-17 August 2008 = == Learn and play with empowering technologies. == == A wonderfull week of camping gaining and sharing knowledge. == The [http://wifisoft.org Wifisoft Foundation] organizes Open Community Camp 2008. As a follow up to WCC2006 and WCC2007 we are opening up for a broader public. We would like to camp with your friends and spent your time to * opensource software, * electronics, * wireless, * starting an open community, * Meet more geeks and techs, * what_ever_your_techie_friends_want_bring_and_work_with Then come to the OCC! Find more info about: * Registration [wiki:Registration here ] * Program [wiki:Program here] * Campsite [wiki:Camp here] Current Groups: * [http://wcc2008.wifisoft.org WCC2008] * Debian group * BSD group * Boinc Slowly we will build our content for next year. The camp will be planned for August 2008 in Oestgeest The Netherlands Just visit this site every now and then for updates, If you want to join the team , mail to or better subscribe yourself [http://opencommunitycamp.org/mailman/listinfo here].