The registration is been opened! '''please register as soon as possible'''. Registrations are handled in incoming order (of them being paid). We are all volunteers; and a late influx of registrations makes the event more difficult organize. So at some point we'll hit a threshold where we have to set a limit. By registering early you both ensure yourself of a place and you allow us to plan for sizable numbers - and hence make the cutoff later - so all your friends can join too. Write an email to '''registration at wifisoft dot org''' to register. Include your name and let us know ahead of time if you are bringing or will be needing special equipment, accommodation and so on. Rules: * Price on site will be 100 Euro. * Registrations before '''1-4-2008 pay''' only 80 Euro. * Registations are valid after payment. * Basic meals included - but we expect you to help out with the cooking and what not. payment: {{{ Account holder: Account number: 1980949 Account holder city: Leiden, The Netherlands Account holder bank: Postbank N.V IBAN: NL 87 PSTB 0001 9809 49 }}} Note that using the IBAN number is generally cheap (usually free) within the European Economic Region and the best way to use. Some banks do not yet support IBAN - in that case the SWIFT and BIC details are: {{{ Handling bank: Postbank N.V. BIC: PSTBNL21 Swift: PSTBNL21 Address bank: Foreign Operations PO Box 1800 1000 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands }}} For those with banking systems which yet cannot do any direct-deposit internationally, or only for extreme cost, - contact ''''registration at wifisoft dot org''' directly to discuss other means such as Cash or Paypal. Note that your registration is not valid until you have paid.