Vic Hayes
Senior Research Fellow TU Delft
'Father of WiFi'

The Board of Directors of the IEEE had elected Vic Hayes to receive the 2007 IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award. Vic Hayes is considered the primary inventor of Wi-Fi and has been named the father of Wi-Fi, and as such involved in designing the Wi-Fi standards such as IEEE 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g.

Jan Willem Broekema
Open Standards and Open Source Software

Jan Willem Broekema studied at Leiden University and ended up in 1984 at the sales and marketing side of the software industry (due to a lack of job opportunities in his own field). From 1997 onwards his consulting expertise became the social effects of new technologies. In 2002 he was appointed national privacy commissioner after which he was asked to take the helm of the governmental change program Open Standards and Open Source Software (OSOSS) which, according to schedule, terminated by the end of 2007. Early 2008 he set up the successor to OSOSS: Netherlands in Open Connection (Nederland Open in Verbinding, NOiV).

From this background Jan Willem will help you to formulate how to promote the use and acceptance of open source software (OSS). Is this a hobby or something that government and business alike should take a good look at? And why should they? What is OSS anyway? How does this relate to the program NOiV? Something on Fabels & Facts. Twenty five reasons to say No to open source software.

Lourens Veen
Director, OHF

Lourens Veen is a computer science student at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. His current research is in XML databases, on which he is finishing up his MSc thesis. He plans to continue his studies and pursue a PhD degree after graduating.

Jules Janssen
Emeritus professor, pioneering researcher in sustainable building materials

Jules Janssen is an emeritus professor at the Technical University in Eindhoven. He has been researching bamboo as a building material for almost 30 years now. He is still a member of many international bodies and committees on standarization (ISO-standards for the building and construction industry)

Henri de Gooijer
Solar energy advocacy

Picosol is involved in projects with solar panels, solar lamps and electricity generated from pumps driven by solar energy. One of the main projects in now in Cambodja, South-East Asia, where a local industry was set up to produce solar equipment for local use.

Ben van der Pouw
Solar energy advocacy

The Kozon Foundation markets a simple yet efficient type of solar cooker. Their solar cookers are being used on a daily basis in several countries in western Africa, Tchad and Burkina Faso. Cookers and utensils are produced by local industries thereby sharing knowledge and generating new income for those involved. The final aim is "diffusion of innovation". Practically speaking this means the cooker should be made available to large numbers of people who now depend on fossil fuel and collecting firewood for their daily needs.


Roel Guldemond
Learn Open Source

"Roel Guldemond is busy with: A. SUSTAINABLE INFORMATION: With 25 years experience in implementing financial and logistic systems, plus 10 years experience as a lecturer in project management, I have a strong desire to see people learn, and try to help them with this., B. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: About 30 years ago I started to think about how we could be live with less. About ten years ago I founded my own company in bringing solar energy to the market."

Henk Hoff
Open Street Map

Henk Hoff mapped together with Richard van der Weerd the town Assen. Assen was with this (early June 2005) the first Dutch township that was mapped in totally by users. Henk is a member of the OpenStreetMap? Foundation. In his dayly life he is a freelance internet consultant and a member of the town counsel of Assen.

Arie de Ruiter
Solar Cooker Workgroup

Founder and pioneer of the Solar Cooker Workgroup in the town of Sliedrecht. He was and still is one of the driving forces behind the recycling centre handling reused materials and sustainable waste management.


Ed Kikkert

Born on the 3th of august 1974 in the center of Leiden in the Netherlands. Currently living and working in Leiden. * Daily lead for the infrastructure system administrators team * Support for apple/mac users * Asset management * System administrator for Linux and FreeBSD servers * Facility manager at the office in Leiden.

Gerard Mourits

Gerard is working in the field of training and advising people. Coming from the Graphical Arts Industry he is raised between Apple, MicroSoft. From the time he was an volunteer of the foundation of Wireless Leiden he learned to understand the 'mores' of the Open Source World. Born in Lisse near 'Keukenhof' and now living in a small village in the Green Heart of Holland near to Leiden with his wife and children. And very proud to be a granddad now. His focus is now on becoming the OCC 2008 event something to remember.

Marten Vijn

Marten was born in Almelo in 1967. He is living with Laura, Kobus en Sarah in Leiden, The Netherlands. Previously he was involved in Wireless Leiden. He is one of the organizers of WCC2006 and WCC2007 and is now organizing the Open Community Camp. Behind the (W)OCC is the WifiSoft?.org Foundation which was founded in 2006 by Marten and Gerard. Marten's focus for OCC-2008 is creating a place where we can learn and cooperate out of care. Further he would like to express to suffer from dyslexia, so he's a star in creating unreadable sentences. However it will not stop him communicating.

Erik Harperink
Organization Team Member

Erik was born in Eindhoven in 1961. After a vocational training (HBO) as a technical translator for law and economics and a university study in computer science he had widely different roles in the graphical arts industry. For the last decade he has mostly worked as a software developer (Java). He has been a passionate amateur-astronomer for many years - star gazing as well as building his own (rainpipe) telescopes from mostly scrap materials.