Breakfirst & Lunch

These will be served or there will be a buffet. (payment by tickets)

Self organizing Dinner

1. Cook yourself

Bring a safe cooker that works on gas/oil (We don't have enough electricity).

2. Community Dinner

The Dinner will be prepared by volunteers (you! and me). This will work up to about 50 people.

How does it work:

  • at 12:00 am the dinnerguests will be listed.
  • dinner will be payed (tickets) costs will be ~6 E during the week.
  • 3-5 people will volunteer to cook
  • Dinner starts @ 18:00 hours
  • other people (3-5) do the dishes

Dinner will be basic.

3. Else

If more people come there will be no space to cook I guess. Or in case you don't want help cooking/doing dishes. Other solutions will be:

  • pizza
  • chinese
  • fast food.

Unless people are starting to organise elsewise this is what we offer. If you to help let me know on the teamlist. On Saturday will be a BBQ:

  • Cost about 11 E (or bring your own stuff)
  • start around 18:00
  • registration before 13:00