Fun & learning

One whole week of camping. This week we do those things we were not able to do during the rest of the year.
For example:

  • Building (web)servers and firewalls, harden them with proper security measures.
  • Making storage solutions using RAID or ZFS with HAST .
  • . . . and a lot more possibilities! There is a lot to learn on security and networking. We often come across subjects like: routing, intrusion detection, redundancy high availability technics. Learn and do more with opengeo, content management systems, wiki's, GNU/Linux and the BSD-family operating systems. We like: debugging, performance testing, fixing stuff, puppet, openvpn, nc, pxeboot, hardware modifications, etc., etc.

You get stuck? Ask your fellow OCC-camper. A lot of people are eager to help you. You are encouraged to practice your skills and present to others on these subjects.

We believe in open culture where anybody can learn and develop skills, in one whole fantastic week for enthusiast and curious people who believe in open content and technology.

Enjoying our summer holidays: people, beer and tech!