Rick van der Zwet

Puppet in complex Real-Time Environments

At Optiver, we have indentified Puppet as one of our core UNIX tools for reliable management for various devices to have them control highly complex and rapid changing environments. We have expanded facter to allow us to build feedback loops to validate and link various data sources like a CMDB and machine configurations.

Keywords: puppet, integration, mcollective, real-time, scheduling,
financial, speed, facter
Benefit for the audience: The audience will be show how-to use
Puppet in a environment with does not allow daemons to run.
Targeted audience: People would like to hear about Puppet and its
flexibility to hack it, brought to you a enthusiastic UNIX dude.
Targeted experience level: Basic/Intermediate



Heard about Puppet in 2006, played with Puppet in 2008. Turned into a
Puppet enthusiast in 2009. Working with Puppet on a daily basis as
core tool for Optiver Unix System management. Integrating Puppet with
systems to provide overview and knobs to work with by various
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