Albert Skibinski

Showcase of a Drupal Community Site -

Albert will showcase - a Dutch community site where cyclists can share tracks which he built as a personal project using the Open-Source Drupal framework. Topics will include an overview of the architecture, future plans, how specific problems were addressed and answering any questions from the audience.

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SkibinskiAbout Albert

Albert is co-founder and Drupal specialist of Merge and responsible for architecture, usability, seo and performance of web project. As a creative
designer, he is always curious about new developments and regular blogs about his experiences and thoughts.

Merge is a Drupal company located in Breda but founded in Delft in 2002, when both founders still studing at the Technical University of Delft. Until 2007, we used our own CMS which was successful (especially at seo and usability) but we needed a sustainable solution for the future. After research the possibilities, we decided to switch to Drupal, and have never regret the choice since then.