Bas van der Veen

Comparing Drupal and Plone
Which CMS suits you best?

Abstract Plone advertises itself in the same wording as Drupal. So, what concepts lie behind both CMS systems, what are the differences and what are the simularities? What are the future developments in Plone and where do these coincide with developments in Drupal? What are the target groups for Plone and do these overlap with the Drupal usergroups? Which CMS is more easy for beginners to grasp and which system is easier to deploy? Here is a report on comparing Drupal, Plone, Joomla and Wordpress.


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Bas van der Veen is an enthousiastic freelance software developer. He is concentrating on Open Source software and he worked with Drupal 6, Plone 3, Uniface 8 and lots of additional development tools.

Bas grew up in Groningen, The Netherlands and currently lives in Gent, Belgium . Bas great passion for archaeology, travel, mountains and foreign languages (Latin, Greek, Arabic, Russian) has led him to many places in Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus region. He is always in for a game backgammon or chess.
(So dear reader: pack your backgammon/chess-boards along with your camping gear to OCC2010! - March 14th, Roel Guldemond)

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