Pieter Kersten

Open Source ERP systems, worth the efforts?
A short introduction to OpenERP

ERP systems, Free Open Source or proprietary, represent a huge effort for a company to implement properly. Seen from the perspective of a single company, most choose the established proprietary systems from SAP, MS and others to evade pitfalls as immature systems. What few realize is that Open Source ERP systems not only have matured over the years and save on their license fees, but also represent a way of sharing the burden of costly implementation process with other companies. Tonight OpenERP is presented, which is not only considered to be the fastest raising star among the FOSS ERP systems, but which is also a Rapid Application Development platform, opening the doors for a whole new class of application developers and information systems.


Pieter J. Kersten is a seasoned IT professional and active promotor of sensible information managements and Open Source concepts. Starting in SMB as R&D developer, he switched to the complex reality of company development in a medium sized university in the mid 80's of the previous century. There he designed and developed various complex systems, both administrative and technical. Over the years, he was promoted to senior specialist information management and automation. From there, he took lead as CIO in a large secondary school community, where he redesigned and re-implemented IT and information management from the ground up over a period of three years for fourteen participating schools. After that, he founded his own company EduSense, from where he helps educational organizations, health care, government and SMB to reach their next level in IT strategy, information management, automation and innovation.

Personal page: http://nl.linkedin.com/in/pjkersten
Business page: http://www.edusense.nl