Day program

version 1.0 - last revisted July 6th, 2010

Here you find the confirmed activities. Taking place in one of our two scouting building-rooms. Or outside in our big tent.
More -still under development- activities you find on the Open Community Camp You can add your own wishes and ideas on this wiki. Feel absolutely free to add your "things". Be crude! Share your "things" with others. Even when your "things" are just ideas or concepts. Sharing can motivate others. If you wish your "things" to be listed on this page. Just notify us (by sending an email to info-.a.t-opencommunitycamp-.d.ot-org)

Sunday July 11th (from 12:00)
You can join the BSD certification. You register here.

Monday July 12th - Wednesday July 14th
Quickly build better websites with Mojolicious. A fast perl framework, ready for the future.
Henk van Oers will give a two day workshop, on Monday and Wednesday. On Thuesday Henk will work out the special interests or learning goals of the attendees.
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Tuesday July 13th (from 12:00)
Introduction of the Network Event Kit. This is a complete set of hardware/software to have a wireless network available.

Wednesday July 14th (10:00-11:00)
The Pixie Project, Massive Ubuntu Linux desktop deployment at lower cost.

Boot easily more than 100 workstations from one low-end server in single read-only image over network. This saves time and money.
Read more and here are the slides

Thursday July 15th - Saterday 17th ( from breakfast to dinner)
Three days of 'hands on'-'Drupaltent workshops'. You can see how others are building websites with the content management system Drupal. You can be practising yourself. Plus you will have the occasion to consult some people who have Drupal-experience.

Saterday, July 17th (from 14:00)
PGP/OpenPGP Key signing party. We will line and double check each other in order to be efficient. We'll holding a traditional style signing party.

During the week you can join:

  • RepRap build track. RepRap Project is "an initiative aimed at creating a largely self-replicating machine which can be used for rapid prototyping and manufacturing." (source: wikipedia). More you can see on, where you also can subscribe for this build track.
  • BSD work space. Here we will be busy building firewalls, wifi, storage. *BSD offers a splendid platform to build your server or embedded system. We will setup a custom program to (your) personal needs.