Harrie Hazewinkel


Synchronization Markup Language a protocol and Funambol
SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language) is the former name for a
platform-independent information synchronization standard. The project
is currently referred to as Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization
and Device Management. The purpose of SyncML is to offer an open
standard as a replacement for existing synchronization solutions, which
have mostly been somewhat vendor-, application- or operating system
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about Harrie
Harrie Hazewinkel was a director of professional services at Funambol.
Funambol is the open-source mobile application server that implements
the SyncML protocol. At Funambol Harrie provided architecture and
integration of the Funambol framework as well provided development
training for customers. He also maintained SNMP modules for PHP and
Apache, called MOD-SNMP. Hazewinkel was co-editor of the WWW-MIB (RFC
2594) defined in the IETF and the drive for MOD-SNMP.

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