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Does Drupal garantee clear websites?

Roel is convinced that Drupal is a powerful information system in the market. Based on his experience of implementing information systems since 1983.

During his business administration education (Avond-HTS-Bedrijfskunde, 1986) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was hot. However at the time the abbreviation ERP did not even exist. In these days ERP was referred to as Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Origin of MRP-calculations on computers go back to the second world war. Used to prepare the invasion in Normandy by allied forces. Here the requirements for food, petrol, ammunation etc. were calculated. These techniques developed towards todays ERP-software. After 20 years of working in logistical improvement projects Roel is struck by the fact that content of information systems is too often disappointing. In 2006 Roel started to explore the potential of open source content management systems. Content management systems can be used to improve data quality.

Roel's talk is on Wednesday July 14th is an introduction to why and how 'Drupaltent workshops' is organised.
More specific a brief overview will be given on how a course is under constructing, using Moodle.
This Moodle-course will be used during my coming 'Drupaltent workshops'.
If you want to feel and/or judge the power of Drupal yourself: join 'Drupaltent workshops', July 15th, 16th and 17th at Open Community Camp 2010.
Sheets of Roel's talk:

about Roel
Lives in Calfven, the Netherlands, 25 km north of Antwerp. After a business administration education at the 'Avond-HTS-Bedrijfskunde' in Eindhoven, he has been involved in many information systems improving projects.

  • From 1983-2000 implemented financial & logistic software at Philips,
    BDO/CampsObers, Philip Morris and CMG. Combining with lecturing ICT-project management at evening schools.
  • Since 2000 concentrated on ICT-training jobs. Since 2006 exploring the potential of open source software. Concentrating on content management system Drupal. Now he works on Emmauscollege, Rotterdam, where he activates youngsters, who have chosen for "Informatica" (bovenbouw HAVO/VWO).
  • Today his wife and studying children allow Roel to cycle, camp, couchsurf and building a solar heathing system.

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