Marten Vijn

the Network Event Kit
The Network Event Kit is hardware and software to deploy event networks for open source, open content, open hardware.
It's purpose it to be fast to deploy and low cost. The NEK gives access to internet via a wired and wireless infrastructure. This works on opensource software and is documented online.

However it is more the just this kit. The idea behind the NEK is to create cooperation and train people to use open software on events.

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Marten also talked about the Pixie Project, a massive Ubuntu Linux desktop deployment at lower cost. Boot easily more than 100 workstations from one low-end server in single read-only image over network. This saves time and money.
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SchoolWiki project

This Talk is about getting an opensource solution work on primairy school. It show hurdles to to overcome
in practical / communicational way. The talk will indentify successors and show stoppers. Currently the Wiki had 150
user and several interesting articles in dutch.
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about Marten
At the end of the 90's an growing interest emerged in computer networking and free software. In 2000 he migrated an office environment to Debian GNU/Linux for a cultural center. Marten organized several linux install parties in 2001.

Marten is co-founder of Wireless Leiden (2002) a city wide wireless community network. Since 2006 he is chairman of the foundation. Besides their main activity the OpenCommunityCamp other activities take place like the Network Event Kit. Read more on

Marten works parttime as unix and network administrator for the University of Leiden.

In his sparetime Marten is mostly active in his repairing center for OLPC, his SchoolWiki project and the Network Event Kit.

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