Evening program

version 1.0 - last revisted July 6th, 2010

Sunday July 11th
10:00 Opening the camp
12:00 BSD certification - register here

Monday July 12th
20:00 The Network Event Kit, Marten Vijn
21:00 Optimizing wireless utilization, Xiwen Cheng
22:00 Arduino, OpenEC and Coreboot, Reinder de Haan

Tuesday July 13th
20:00 Reprap, Erik de Bruijn
21:00 Puppet in complex Real-Time Environments, Rick van der ZwetPupet
22:00 Implement but don't tell anyone, Jan Willem Broekema

Wednesday July 14th
20:00 Does Drupal garantee clear websites?, Roel Guldemond
21:00 Drupal, Plone: which CMS suits you best?, Bas van der Veen
22:00 Open Source ERP systems, worth the efforts?, Pieter Kersten

Thursday July 15th
20:00 Web 2.0, social networking for the geeks, Ludovic Hirlimann
21:00 Writing on the web, Wouter de Koning
22:00 Share cycle tracks on grootverzet.nl, Albert Skibinski

Friday July 16th
20:00 SyncML, Harrie Hazewinkel
21:00 Paper is patient, Reinout van Schouwen
22:00 Xmla4js, Roland Bouman

Saturday July 17th
12:00 Lunch
18:00 BBQ
20:00-22:30 Python User NL (PUN).
This meetup contains 2 presentations, 5 lightning talks and a drink afterwards for the Dutch Python community to stay informed about everything happening on the Python front. This time PUN travels to join in during OCC 2010 and share ideas + enjoy the great outdoors.
See updated schedule: http://nl.python.org for
Register at http://wiki.python.org/moin/PUN/OCC170710

Sunday July 18th
12:00 Clean up the camp - till next time we say goodbye :)